I'm a designer and developer living in Seattle. By day, I design and build investor experiences for Carta, an $800 million fintech startup creating a network of investors, companies, and owners. I like combining development and design to create cool stuff- which means yes, I do indeed have a love/hate relationship with CSS. In a former life, I graduated from Northwestern University with an MS in Computer Science in 2017 where I played with VR and front-end development. Before that, I got my BA in Psychology with a minor in CS also from NU.  
I also write sometimes, hang out with my parents' dog, and play ultimate frisbee (after all, it was founded in Seattle). Talk to me about design systems, front-end dev, human-computer interaction, women in tech, or ultimate frisbee.

Want to talk? Always welcome collaborators, comments, compliments, and jokes. Drop me a line at katiegeorge94@gmail.com.

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