Winter 2016
Machine Perception of Music and Sound // Northwestern University
Here are two automatically created mash-ups created by DJ Frankenstein. The first has the background of Let It Be by the Beatles with the vocals of One Day by Matisyahu. The second has the background of Let It Go from Frozen, with the vocals of Someone Like You by Adele. Our process had four steps:
(1) Create a database of 30 songs, each with the chord progression I-V-vi-IV
(2) Separate the songs into vocals and background using FASST in Python
(3) Track the beat of each song and stretch or shrink the background to match the vocals
(4) Match the keys of the two songs
(5) Layer the two songs on top of each other- mash-up created!

Skills used:
- Python/ PyFASST
- Sound design
- Beat tracking and manipulation
- Poster design and presentation
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