Fall - Winter 2017
Delta Lab
Professor Haoqi Zhang

Online tutorial platforms with rich curation like Codecademy's “make airbnb” help learners acquire new programming techniques by offering them rich examples with curation, but developing curriculum and authoring these examples requires substantial expertise and engineering effort. Despite catering to learners based on personal interest, the lesson content can mimic deep features present in professional implementations rather than leverage the techniques. GuideRALE [Guided Readily Available Learning Experience] introduces an authoring pipeline to decompose professionally created web products into curated learning material with scaffolded knowledge maps.
The images above are of different iterations of our prototype, and concept maps elicited from us by expert programmers.
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Skills Used:
- Prototyping (paper, wireframing)
-Sketching & Storyboarding
-User-centered design
-User interviews, Talk-alouds
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